get in touch directly for festive season bookings “diwali” “christmas” & “new years”

Get In Touch Directly For Festive Season Bookings (Diwali, Christmas & New Years)


Our vision plays on the essence of natural discovery.
Affordable yet luxurious, perfect for a quick rejuvenating retreat. With a few keys we are able to give personalised and customised services to our clients, from the food and beverage to the experiences that will stay with you long after you have left.

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When exploring new destinations, the founders – Kaizeen Davierwalla and Shaurya Shetty among other travel enthusiasts, set out on a road trip to the closest locations simply looking for a quick break, a bit of privacy or seclusion from the urban atmosphere. A common phenomenon that is practised by a few regulars who wish to escape to a familiar space that perfectly blends affordability with luxury, Something that our properties plan for well in advance.


Our tight tribe are people who enjoy: Road-trip to places
Spending quality time with their family while exploring in and around the property. Unwinding and relaxing on their holiday with just about right to make you feel at home, yet away.

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